Saturday, August 19, 2006

call of the wild: enjoying wilderness

Indian Peaks Wilderness area is a hikers dream-- with over 76,000 acres and 110 miles of trails, it is also easily day trip-able from Boulder and Denver. It was designated a wilderness and recreational area in 1978 and 1980 but it really should be a national park. The clean air and magical sights are overwhelming to the senses. Cavorting with chippers and marmots and enjoying the cool brisk air and the rushing of the rivers and creeks is a Rocky Mountain standard. It is so close to Boulder you'd never expect it, unlike Montana-ans or Oregoneans, not as many people around the Boulder area are avid hiking enthusiasts. The area does seem reminiscent of Glacial National Park too. Each season here brings something magical whether it is a rush of wild flowers in bloom, glorious sunsets, glowing aspen leaves, powdery snowshoe-able snow or exploring some of the 50 lakes in this wilderness region. Packing a lunch and beverages is a must as you are soon out longer than anticipated and you'll like lingering.

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