Saturday, August 19, 2006

germinate: sprouting sprouts

My new sprouting jar from Now Foods is very satisfying. (I also found some great supplies Sprout People) I feel like such a veggie, although officially I am a pescaterian. I was so jazzed after my purchase, I rushed home to grow some--easy to use, but I suppose you could fashion any jar with holes in the lid--Soak your desired sprout variety overnight, then empty out the water and lean upside down at an incline--rinse with water twice a day and in two days and thereafter you have edible salad additives. The best part is that you are eating some powerful raw foods with life force and digestive enzymes still in place. Try my favorite mixture of peas, french lentils and mung beans. They are very inexpensive in the bulk aisle of your natural foods store. Delish.

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