Friday, August 25, 2006

lace vase: ceramics

The earthiness of ceramics and the tactile quality and texture after the firing draw me to pottery and ceramics over and over. My newest proud find is ceramicist Sarah Jones of the UK who imprints beautiful lacy textures on vases, lamps, glasses and her other creations. I cannot get enough of lace these days....
There is also lovely earthy Japanese works which delight me with their day to day beauty and usefulness by Kazu Oba. Kazu currently lives in Arvada Colorado and I had the pleasure of meeting he and his wonderful sister, who was vacationing from Tokyo, at the last Boulder Open Studios. His sister turned me on the coolest ash tray to-go, and if I smoked--I would definately buy one. It was a zipper closure coin purse with silver fireproof material inside. For a smoker, I thought it was tre chic and socially responsible instead of throwing your cigarette butt onto the ground. I digress, Kazu trained under master Takashi Nakazato in Kyushu Japan. He makes beautiful custom sets, is you so desire.

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