Tuesday, August 15, 2006

natural wonders: eco travel hotsprings

Voila! This marks the day of my first post ever......momentous I guess. With this blog I intend to share inspirational projects, products, places and ideas that have some positive link with nature and a connection to fostering a greater good. Eco travel is a favorite subject of mine--so if you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, try and extend out and see more nature than San Jose. I would highly recommend using the second airport at Liberia instead of San Jose (it will make the journey toward Lake Arenal much shorter by shaving off two to three hours) and venturing to the magnificent Tabacon Hot Springs near Lake Arenal. If you can believe it this is the 'cheaper' side--as I went during a holiday and the normal side of the springs which has a restaurant, was totally maxed with people. This is the overflow area of the jungle paradise hotsprings. Costa Rica is a fabulous eco destination location for family vacations, trips with friends, etc....and who can resist the vital minerals and feelings of wellbeing from natural geothermal power--certainly not me.

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Blogger las said...

You must have been a mermaid in a past life. The warm waters of costa rica look very inviting. Is that you in the photo? I wish I could see your mermaid fin a bit better. Your title and tag line are great! You are a creative genius. Your post inspires me to explore the natural world while maintaining a focus on what is good for the whole. The information you provide is very useful to the adventurous traveler. I look foward to reading many more posts on your blog. Dont hold back!
Much Love

2:19 PM  

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