Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ohhhhh-sha!: responsible wildcrafting

My mother and I recently took a girls trip to New Mexico and tried to stop at as many hotsprings sites as we possibly could fit in. We also happened over to the Sante Fe farmers market on a Saturday and ran into a booth run by the people at Artemisia Herbs from Dixon New Mexico. (I think their server is down for their site--but that doesn't mean you cannot try to make the honey yourself) They had on hand some of the most fabulous honey blends I can even imagine. My favorite is their Osha Root Honey--pure genius! Osha root is a perennial herb growing at elevations above 7000 feet all throughout the Rocky Mountains from Mexico to Canada. The Aztec called it 'bear medicine' as bears respond to it much like cats respond to catnip--as well as the cultivated root looking like a bear claw. A powerful antiviral and decongestant it also stimulates the immune system, which is precisely why Artemisia Herbs has placed it into their honey cough syrup. Remember: please wild-craft this herb responsibly as it is impossible to cultivate in a garden and over harvesting can lead to its quick depletion.

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