Monday, August 28, 2006

OMG.......its fall!

Last night it was officially cold. Slowly all the aspen leaves will die and golden. But ski season is just around the corner and I need a new board. I know, there are several negative impacts too when it comes to driving all the way to the ski areas....but there are car pools in hybrids with friends and the train from Denver. One more positive thing you can do, is purchase an eco-friendly snowboard from Venture or Arbor. Venture Snowboards is homegrown from our own little state of Colorado in the San Juan mountains of Durango. Made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) woods and cutting down on plastic resin by using fabric topsheets that are hemp or organic cotton, Venture lightens our footprint on an otherwise non-eco sport. They even employ water based inks and careful waste management as a company and as outdoor enthusiasts, believe we all have a huge responsibility to tread lighter.
In turn, there is Arbor Sports three years the senior, started in 96' using bamboo-reinforced cores, and sustainable wood veneers. They say bamboo has a 'higher tensile strength than steel'! They are also using koa wood veneers, which I am assuming and hoping are farm raised. I am ordering both catalogs so I can shop for winter! I think Venture is the clear winner for sustainability....

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Blogger las said...

I love to ride! The quick approach of winter in the Rockies has me feeling excited to get my gear ready. During a quick trip to 10,000 feet yesterday with the woman of my dreams, I noticed that there has already been a small snow fall on the high peaks. While we sat in my truck eating some yummy Nepalese food and staring at the Indian Peaks I couldn't stop my mind from drifting toward a fun winter of snowboarding. For anyone out there who is interested in finding the latest information on what is being done in the skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding industries to combat the use of so many harmful raw materials during the creation of the toys that we depend on to carry us down the mountain, go to This is an amzing web site that covers all of the environmental issues involved with the industies that produce our boards, skate parks, etc....
So, whether you are headed to the beach to catch a big wave, to the skate park to practice tricks, or to the many resorts around the world seeking the ultimate powder day, be sure that you are well educated. If we are going to make the effort to fufill our need for speed or air, we should all be willing make a commitment to do it with conscious intention and care for the environment. May we all be blessed with a snowy winter. Let it snow!

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