Thursday, August 24, 2006

phillipe flop: eco vegan shoes: mink & beyond skin

What do you call a French man in sandals? Vegans, listen up! Here are two of the most wonderful, edgy companies with ethical handmade heels which are completely animal free. How is that possible you say? Well Rebecca Brough, the woman behind Mink Shoes is pro-environment and her savvy sense of design brings life and pizazz to non-leather shoe alternatives. She is a true trail blazer in the world of eco fashion and dwells stateside. Then, there is Beyond Skin, actually the forerunner in this lineup, created by Natalie Dean from the UK. Beyond Skin is a noteworthy bastion of eco wise fashion. Their offerings are slightly more delicate. I used to think that using leather was in a sense recycling for the meat eaters out there. Beyond Skin's website has taught me otherwise. Apparently the tanning of animal hides creates industrial toxic waste and then renders the hides non-degradable. Plus we are loosing our rainforest to grazing livestock, and livestock waste is polluting our water. People, cut out the beef.

Cruelty free is officially stylish!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Sexy Shoes made from non-animal raw materials. What a great thing for anyone out there who is a vegan or just doesnt like to support the leather industry. I was wondering if they are edible? I'd like to get a pair for my girlfriend. It would be fun to eat them right off of her feet. As a post script I must clarify for everyone out there that leather is a bi-product of the meat insustry. Until the ranchers and meat packers decide to stop raising and killing animals for their meat, we will always have lots of leather to use. If we stop supporting the leather industry, what will happen to the skin? They will probably just throw it away, burn it or do something even worse like start putting it into animal food. Yuck!

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