Wednesday, August 30, 2006

pro bar: nutritional snacks

I am in love with the PRO BAR!!! It is the most delicious sports bar I have ever tasted. Ever. That is a strong statement I know, but the last time I was in REI buying a few, I even talked the cashier into trying them. I was amazed that he hadn't. Created by Utah chef and nutrition consultant, Art Eggertsen, the Pro Bar will hook you with its flavor punch and whole foody sensibility. It is presented in two flavors: Banana and Berry. I first tried the Banana and was instantly sold on it as a hikers companion food or even as a meal replacement bar. Skeptical that the other flavor, Berry could compare I tried it and was amazed that Art was able to translate such a good thing into two bars. Try it, you'll like it too. I noticed they now carry it at Whole Foods.

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