Friday, August 18, 2006

sweet greens: organic bedding

Sleeping Beauty.......Rest is precious and green bedding offers several health benefits like being hypoallergenic with no off gasing compounds and being healthier for the planet by employing sustainable practices for growing organic cotton for mattresses or wool & latex natural and renewable resources. Organic cotton also reduces pesticides that otherwise enter our waterways and contaminate our water supplies. My favorite mattresses can be found at Natura World and have been clinically proven to reduce tossing and turning and back pain. Another favorite bedtime companion of mine is the silk eye mask. Luxuriously soft and relaxing, it will melt away all your stress. The silk line of bed linens at Kumi Kookoon are quite a delicious indulgence.

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Blogger las said...

I had no idea that natural organic beds are made using latex of any kind. I enjoyed the website that you recommended. It was very informative. I was so glad to see that I can find a dealer for these beds in the town that I live in. I will go to the dealer and test them out for myself. The only thing that I found missing from the website was any pricing of any kind. I can only assume that the price is high for these eco-friendly beds.

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