Friday, September 15, 2006

haute dutch tub: transportable

The Dutch Tub, by Floris Schoonderbeck would look great on my deck. It is a go anywhere little wonder, that you can purchase with a hand trailer or a car trailer (or you could just strap it onto the top of your vehicle) for bringing it to the remote-est of cabins. There are options for light blue, pidgeon blue,ocean green, dark grey, reed green, or orange-I think dark grey or light blue would suit. But yikes it's 6G-guess its worth the ticket price. It seems like the perfect quick fix solution to my want for a sauna. Hook it up to a hose, and with minimal firewood your re-ey ta go. It holds 200 gallons and the max temperature is 113 degrees farenheit. They say it fits in the back of an SUV, weighs 168 lbs, so it can go onto a study roof too. Love hot water!!!



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Anonymous Waylon Lewis said...

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