Thursday, September 14, 2006

freitag & re-sail bags: repurposed materials

There are been alot of bags that are remade from shipping truck ads and billboards, but ReSails, made from sailboat sails is a new one for me. I always love seeing the new offerings from Freitag in Zurich Switzerland also. Freitag's are such funky graphic bags, with the hippest patterns made from discarded used truck tarps. Their bags are very durable almost indestructible in fact and 100% waterproof. The headquarter offices of Freitag are made from stacks of recycled shipping containers as testament to their re-use philosophy. The Freitag brothers have been making biking bags since 1993 and got the inspiration from their biking lifestyle along a busy motorway. The handcut bags from the truck advertisement tarps mean a different design each time, check them out.

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