Thursday, October 05, 2006


Moomin characters are wonderful, I just wish that they were more popular here in America. Tove Jansson creator of the characters from the Moomin Valley, created them in 1954 as a comic strip--I had no idea that they had been around that long. Originally in Swedish, the stories have been adapted into several languages and an anime cartoon series. Moomin trolls are the characters that actually resemble hippos and have many spirited forest friends. Kids love them! Click here to find out more about moomins.

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Moomins have come a long way from Jansson's original comics to the children's version they are today. I remember when I was a child and reading the old moomin-comics, the granpa moomin had like a pipe and a bottle whiskey with him all the time. The old stories were very layered and somehow the style of the comics used to feel really scary from a child's point of view.

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