Wednesday, November 15, 2006

d.i.y. wednesday

As promised, today is DIY Wednesday! This time I have taken a different approach and actually created the DIY on my own ahead of time-because terrariums fascinate me. Teeny eco environments where the weather climate inside is controlled and kept ultra moist and slightly rainforest. A bit different than my current cold dry climate, and thus smile inducing to create. The directions are really simple. First of all, you need a lovely looking glass container with a lid (preferably tall as I have found small plants are hard to come by). You will need to purchase some small gravel or lava rock, some charcoal, and some potting soil (organic is always best-with worm castings). 3 or 4 small plants work and look best together and won't be cramping the space. Layer the ingredients as listed above, voila... rainforest! I personally like a container with a lid because it keeps the plants in an other world climate- remember humid loving plants work best like ferns, bromiliads, etc. Additives could include mossy branches, sculptural stones, small buddha sculpture, tiny animal sculptures & if you feed them-small animals. The picture above is one of Paula Hayes $10,000 terrariums (link found below)! Too pricey for me. Other resources for creating terrariums are found below:

terrarium making video

starting a terrific terrarium

Paula Hayes $$$ designer terrariums

building a miniature landscape under glass

terrarium lamp pictures

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