Wednesday, November 22, 2006

haute ideas: d.i.y. wednesday

Today is a great day for a funny D.I.Y. exercise about making your own eco pet toys. Mostly it is very easy- you only really need to arm yourself with some eco fabric, organic catnip, yarn, ribbon, wool, etc.. for cats. For dogs, the list is even smaller: you can either sew them a plushie toy with wackie eyes, or tie some cool pieces of driftwood, or raw wood onto cool hemp ropes for a pull/chewy toy. you hardly have to know how to sew...

...and if all else fails, you could just break down and purchase one at one of these eco pet toy retailers:

Purrfect Play
Natural Pet Marketplace
Eco Animal
Tiny Birds Organics

..or purchase one from one of these cool Etsy shops:

Prairie Bird shop Etsy
Kobe Dog
Bearies & Beadies
Ekra's Etsy Shop
Angies Angora Etsy Shop
The Chinchilla Girl Esty Shop
Creature Comforts Etsy Shop

lastly, here is a fun tutorial for a crochet cat mouse

below is a sprinkling of ideas to get you going.... sheets of felt would come in handy, and I think one of the key things to making a pet toy successful is to add some wacky face or eyes to the creature, so that you will get as much of a laugh out of the creation as the pets do.

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