Tuesday, November 28, 2006

gabriel scarvelli

Scarvelli, 25 launched his first collection Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in May 2003, of intricately beaded dresses now in luxury boutiques worldwide. His works are very couture, but what sets him apart is his environmental stance, Gabriel Scarvelli favors natural fibers and dyes, recycling (scraps from the workroom go to the local kindergarten to use for artwork), and paying workers above average wages. Mostly all of the materials he uses are natural and biodegradable, only two dyes he uses contain low-grade chemicals, the other 38 are organic. ‘I think we should look after what we own and take responsibility for all our actions and the effect they have on the general picture, and the future of the world,’ Scarvelli says. He also worries about the mounds of polyester being created by clothing manufacturers ‘because it is not a reusable plastic,’ and ‘the chemical wastage that comes off synthetic dyes is insane. Under average conditions it takes synthetic fibre 300 years to break down. Even when it breaks down into particles the soil is going to be chemically polluted. We have been producing nylon since the 1940s and I’m just wondering where it all went to,’ Scarvelli ponders.

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