Friday, November 03, 2006

haute recycling: heath nash: lighting

Sprayglue wrote a post on Design Indaba and Heath Nash from South Africa. Then just now, I saw a full interview on him by Ping ezine. He has received many accolades for his design ideas for transforming the country into new design aesthetics creating treasure from trash. His designs repurpose old plastic bottles into floral lighting, screens, etc.. the end product is truly beautiful. He participated in 100% design this year in London promoting his small business of handmade works, and claims that the recycling center which holds the plastic bottles for him cannot keep up at times for the colors that he needs. I think this designer deserves all of the awards and attention, he is truly making a difference by using waste, creating jobs and making people happy with a lovely aesthetic. Ping's site has many pictures of his new design work, his studio, the artisans working with him, and the processes. My favorite is the white floral globe light!

via Sprayglue and Ping ezine (thanks)

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