Friday, November 03, 2006

lace bicycle basket

Chemists are working on improving the sustainable factor of plastic by trying to achieve new polymers from soy, corn, starch, etc. as well as making plastic actually biodegradable. So with this in mind I occasionally see a genius design that I know although not ecologic today-tomorrow could be. I think its fair to post things that are inspiring and beautiful and not just eco. As long as you are actively doing your part to lessen your CO2 and waste footprint on the planet, you are in the green. This is why I post this "Carrie" bike basket from DesignHouse Stockholm. It is feminine, beautiful and needs to be made from a sustainable material, then I can have one too. boo for now.

via MocoLoco

This pic was on Pan-Dan, but gave no explanation other than "carrie"-I am assuming its a prototype? Or perhaps a homeade job of the DesignHouse basket? I do like it in white too. Perhaps this will be my new, slightly long term DIY project.

On the plus side, at least you would be out of your car and into the air, human powered.

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