Tuesday, November 28, 2006

material by-product: eco luxe clothing

Since my Auntie is an Aussie and she and my uncle now live again in Melbourne, I decided to focus on some sustainable fashionistas from down under today. Susan Dimasi and Chantal McDonald are the designers behind Material By-Product, "luxury avant guard". Susan questioned her role as a designer “within existing systems", and realized that she needed to offer ideas, discussion & visual dialogue to the fashion industry using her designs as a medium. Chantal McDonald was her assistant at the time and they soon began their partnership. The goal of each collection is “minimizing waste," and treating it as an ecology, they stay aware of the way in which they use fabrics and cut the fabrics. Material By-Product also is attempting to create a more sustainable line by reworking old clothing as well. This drives the design and the formation of shapes and the end product is like an assemblage.

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