Tuesday, November 28, 2006

why organic? katharine hamnett knows why..

Katherine Hamnett
is a front runner in the fashion industry, trying to shed more light on the impact of clothing and textile industry on the environment. She now gives talks on how conventional cotton growing is responsible for 10,000 deaths annually and 1,000,000 long-term pesticide poisonings. This coupled with all of the other effects such as desertification, and long-term water contamination should catch every persons attention. Cotton requires very large amounts of pesticides and water to grow, in a sharp contrast hemp, bamboo do not. In addition, cotton farming is now subject to genetic engineering as cotton plants are gene-spliced with a soil bacteria which enables the plant to emit its own pesticide. Genetically modified cotton crops already account for approximately 60% of all US crops. Unfortunately organic cotton is still relatively difficult for designers to get hold of, these alternative fibers must become central to the fashion industry.There are simple ways in which each person can make a difference--the first is obviously to become aware of and consciously switch to purchasing ecological fibers and fabrics.

100% organic Loomstate is another great link, for the jean staple of your closet.

The fashion and textile industry in the US alone is worth an estimated $300 billion. Add to that the rest of the consuming world and thats an awful lot of energy, fabric, dye and sweatshop workers. Much of that ends up in landfill within just a few years. Buy quality sustainable fabrics--or RE+WORK & RE+INVENT your clothing. Its creative.

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