Wednesday, December 27, 2006

d.i.y. wednesday: pouch from vintage books

Recycled pouch via Supernaturale I absolutely love this idea for reusing imagery from a vintage astronomy book to make a cool pouch for paper etc. My only gripe is that they are using vinyl to make it, which is toxic PVC. I suggest using a different material like a a biopolymer or a biodegradable tape from Sellotape a transparent tape made from cellulose fibers from wood pulp that comes from suppliers with extensive reforestation programs. Many biopolymers are being made from various substances too, such as oyster, argonite crystals, etc... But you the consumer need to create the demand.

And if you still need some crafting inspiration and ideas, view these two YOUTUBE videos below, in which Gret.chen from Venus Zine explores the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair and speaks with many of the exhibitors about their creations
Renegade Craft Fair Volume 1 Wicker Park Chicago

Renegade Craft Fair Volume 2 Wicker Park Chicago

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