Monday, December 04, 2006

eden project cornwall england

The Eden Project in Cornwall England is an ongoing project that explores the relationship betweeen people and plants. Opened in March 2001 it features two huge biomes that emulate select biospheres in the natural envirnonment and contain relevant plant species for each system. Currently, there is a tropical and a warm temperate Mediterranean type environment, with plans to expand and create a desert emulation. There are year round programs music etc.. as well as ongoing educational study which aims offer education and knowledge for safeguarding the Earth and preventing man from destoying the interdependence of nature and humans while troubleshooting for solutions. This extremely envirmonmental aware project employs recycling and rainwater collection to sustain itself and supply the vast amount of water needed to keep all of the plants alive.

The mission statement for the current project and that of their expansion project, the Edge: "will focus on the challenges of water use and water security, energy use and energy security and climate change. Together these will lead to pivotal social challenges affecting us all in the next two decades, with impacts on individuals and communities that will be arguably as significant as the great transformations of history – settled agriculture, the reformation, the enlightenment and the industrial revolution. This century is going to demand the best of us. We will need flexible, innovative, inspired and strong individuals and communities, ready to respond to the best of their abilities to the challenges ahead. We will need to examine our core values, and place the worth of things above the costs of things. So what shape are we in? How well are we equipping our children for the world ahead of them?" so book a tour and visit!

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