Monday, December 11, 2006

john dahlsen environmental art

John Dahlsen is a hyper obsessive beach comber, his found beach junk from Australian beaches and his recycled plastic bag artworks have become collectable abstract assemblage art. He has limited edition prints of assemblages which are monotone hues or landscape images made from plastic thongs, rope and plastic bottles. He has shown his assemblages, eco-art found plastic sculptures, abstract paintings, found object digital prints and syrofoam and surfboard totems throughout the capitals cities of Australia and in the International art arena.
Born in Sydney, John Dahlsen studied at the Victorian College of the Arts. He has lectured and exhibited at many Universities and at International and Australian environmental and architectural symposiums, on environmental and installation art.
“The feeling I have looking at this artists work, I have a feeling of archaeology I see all the layers of the world, all the different people…” My personal favorite are his pink assemblages.

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when was he born?

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