Friday, December 22, 2006

verdopolis: eco sustainable fashion: haute couture

Earth Pledge is a non-profit organization exploring ideas for creating stronger, healthier, and more economically vibrant cities on their site "Verdopolis: The Future Green City". Verdopolis is a site for sustainable innovations in architecture, energy, technology, transportation, healthcare, design, food, and fashion.

Designs to the right are from Loomstate, Derek Lam, Eliza Jimenez, Halston, Rebecca Taylor, Karen Walker and Alvin Valley.
YUM! check out Verdopolis here.

Verdopolis hosted an eco fashion show --"New York Fashion Week, 28 top designers dazzled New York with cutting edge eco-friendly fashions on the runway. Renewable, reusable, non-polluting fabrics such as organic cotton and wool, bamboo, corn-based fibers, recycled fibers and biopolymers were transformed into everything from elegant couture to street wear. View a slide show of Future Fashion show and the press that it has generated." -- the designs are amazing!

The clothing to the right is either recycled, hemp, silk, organic, corn fiber or a blend of those!!!

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