Saturday, January 20, 2007

aromatic incense: well being for the senses

I love Nag Champa as most people do and most ancient cultures used incense for sacred and healing purposes, there is historical evidence for this. Man found that aromas could heighten the senses, both sight and smell. The smell of aromatic woods, herbs and leaves carried upward by fire were used as offerings to the gods, purification of an area, to change a mood for meditation and religion, and to cleanse and disinfect living spaces. All smell is molecular, carried in the air, arriving through the nose to the mucous membrane to receptor cells and cilia to catch and identify scent molecules in the air. The nerve system or limbic system for smell is directly exposed to its source of stimulation. Scent can cause an immediate and overwhelming reaction, either pleasant or unpleasant, in a way that no other sensation can. The limbic system, also responsible for creativity, inspiration, and all non-thinking, automatic life processes such as heartbeat, hormone regulation and respiration. Scent can affect all of of these powerful bodily processes. Many instinctual reactions and decisions we make are intrinsically linked to our sense of smell, and many areas of our health and relaxation can be positively affected by smell. Incense and aromatheray can:

Burn incense to cleanse and revitalize the atmosphere of your living space, relax your body: reducing stress, anxiety and fear, calm your mind and prepare you for sleep or create a spiritual atmosphere and heighten & stimulate your awareness for meditation.

Find a bit of poetry about incense at: Japanese Incense.

A great resource page for buying incense is Sensia, which offers several different brands-kind of one stop shopping.

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