Monday, January 29, 2007

boris bally: recycled street signs

Boris Bally has been creating his reclaimed traffic sign products for a long time, my favorite are his chairs and the new designs for tables that he has. He also creates bowls, plates, mailboxes, the ubiquitous wreath I saw everywhere this past holiday season, clocks and house numbers. With numerous awards, exhibitions and workshops he brings many years of experience as an artist to a movement that is just now catching on in the mass market. He works with discarded aluminum signage because of the powerful recycling message, the enamel technique on the discarded material and his inspired view of European Medieval metalwork and their old techniques of raising, riveting, perforating, layering, piercing, and forming. Each material search is an exhaustive hunt for wonderful pieces of modern man's urban archeological trail, and he then matchs them to create exciting color and image combinations with abstraction of imagery. He sais, "The mockery of precious materials in a waste pile is symbolic of the American struggle for wealth and success."

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