Wednesday, January 24, 2007

hate ideas: d.i.y. wednesday: mind mapping

For today, DIY Wednesday, try mind mapping (or concept mapping) originally developed by Joseph Novak at Cornell in the 1970's for learning in the sciences. Mind mapping is a very useful tool for focusing on key ideas or something you'd like to brainstorm, remember or organize. Begin by writing down a central idea and thinking up new and related ideas which radiate and branch out from the centre. The approach allows you to make connections between your ideas and are helpful for remembering new information.

1) Put the main idea in the center
A mind map is most useful when the main idea or topic in the middle of the page, allowing enough space between ideas to radiate out from the center. Leaving space between allows you to form the map over time also, coming back to it as you think of more items to add.

2) Draw ideas and words quickly on unlined paper without pausing, judging or editing
If you pause or judge what you are adding, it promotes linear thinking and the purpose of mind mapping is to think creatively and non-linear. Later in the process you can edit, but it is important to allow for all ideas to be released, obscure notions sometimes being the important factors later on- illuminating the topic more clearly.

3) Write down key ideas
Sometimes capital letters show key points and are easier to read in the diagram, using lower case later on to further explain ideas.

4) Look for relationships
Once you have exhausted your brainstorming, go back over the map and use different colors of pen or pencil, highlighing, using arrows to link ideas, branches or some personal way to show connections between your ideas generated. Personalising the map with your own symbols and designs makes a visual relationship between ideas assisting in your recall and understanding or structure of your topic.

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Anonymous Luce Beaulieu said...

Loooove your blog!!!!! SO awesome to discover someone who appears to share exactly the same interests and focus!!

2:55 PM  
Blogger hautenature* said...

yes, luce beaulieu, your blog is wonderful!

8:10 PM  

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