Monday, February 05, 2007

dwight way

Dwight Way is an urban infill project in the heart of Berkeley California consisting of a remodeled building and a nine unit mixed use new building. By restoring an existing building and adding the new larger one in an environmentally sensitive way, the project has made this site a notable green showcase. Goals at the site were to minimize energy, use salvaged, recycled, and low-toxic finish materials, employ passive design with insulation & window placement.

A 280% improvement in energy use was calculated (twice the state standard). Other implimentations were:
* blown-in cellulose insulation (made from old telephone books and newspapers) instead of fiberglass:
* Substituting 50% of the cement in the concrete with fly ash (a by-product of coal burning); and
* Leaving the aluminum siding on the existing building instead of replacing it with wood or stucco.
* Reused car parts for awnings, railings, gates, shelves, parking bumpers and lighting.
* Reused 3 1/2 tons of street signs for siding, eaves, gates, light shades and railings.
* Insulated floor slabs.
* Thousands of board feet of salvaged wood reused for doors, siding, trim, walls.
* FSC certified, sustainably harvested 2 x 6 framing lumber.
* Sustainably harvested oak slab counters.
* Formaldehyde free kitchen and bathroom cabinet boxes in the new building.
* FSC certified sustainably harvested hardwood flooring.
* 100% wool carpets.
* Non-VOC paints and woodwork finished with natural oils.
* Photovoltaic panels.
* Non-toxic permeable gravel paving instead of asphalt to retain rainwater on site.
* Native and drought tolerant plants, eliminating the need for an irrigation system.
Now thats green!!!

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