Sunday, February 25, 2007

the kitchen: fine dining in boulder colorado

Today in the Sunday New York Times, The Kitchen (fine cuisine in Boulder) was written up for the 2nd time. The article was following the progression of Boulder, with its humble hippie beginnings and no gourmet fare to the new Boulder which now has many options for amazing cuisine (not to mention new development, a new 5star hotel & the 29th street revival). The Times gave reference to Mateo, Frasca and The Kitchen. I appreciate The Kitchen for their community support from local organic produce suppliers, to local meats, eggs, milk, etc. They make conscious decisions about their service, from the hand towels in the bathroom to the electricity we run on. The Kitchen recycles and reuses nearly 100 percent of their "discards". Paper products and straws used in the restaurant are biodegradeable, the remaining un-cooked food and open bottles of wine are given to staff at night, food scraps are made into compost, and they use electricity from wind power.

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