Friday, March 30, 2007

eco news: around the country

San Francisco Brown Baggin' It

San Francisco has become the first US city to ban plastic shopping bags. This year, stores must switch to biodegradable material or face fines. Though once seen as a green alternative to paper, plastic bags routinely cause environmental problems. Learn what you can do to reduce waste here. Read the new ban in the SF Gate.

A Year Without Toilet Paper: New York Lower Fifth Avenue

A family of three experiments with radical environmentalism remaining urban at the same time. Michelle Conlin (senior writer at Business Week) and Colin Beavan (a writer of historical non-fiction) and their daughter Isabella, journey through cotton diapers, an organic diet, and yes: no toilet paper for a year! The husband, chronicles their adventure with eating locally and rarely shopping on his blog No Impact Man while taking part in a documentary about their experiment and later will write a book on the experience. Read the full article in the NY Times.

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