Monday, March 12, 2007

manufactured housing: german design

Ralf Meier, a resident of Boulder initially wanted to import a neatly packed prefab house from Germany because of the quality, speed and energy efficiency of the design. He has since started his own company Platz Haus USA, in hopes of doing the same for others seeking a solidly built prefab home with lots of amenities. Aside from the arduous journey his prefab home had to make from Bad Saulgau, Germany to a mountain property in Boulder, Colorado- via flatbed truck, ocean barge, and train, the homes walls, windows and roof were up two weeks later. The Platz Haus factory in Germany ships 100 homes annually around the globe. Meiers' home was the first and his first client was the second. As for his explanation about the energy used to ship the home to the US, he points out that even conventional homes require the import of wood and other supplies, a hidden cost to homeowners. I think we are better off with prefab built stateside.

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