Thursday, March 15, 2007

mohop: architectural sandals

Annie Mohaupt, a former architect, devised her original prototype pair of shoes for a Chicago craft fair. The shoes made such an impression at the fair, that she quit her job as a building designer to focus on her new shoe designing business full time. She makes each pair of shoes by hand at her studio in Chicago. The business, Mohop shoes, mixes rubber from recycled tires- a Finnish birch plywood core-and topped with veneers. The components are laminated together and pressed on custom molds. Annie uses environmentally-friendly woods, glues, sealers and inks that she can source. The best thing about Mohop shoes is their incredible versatility with the patent-pending 'strapping system' You can customize shoes into infinite looks by changing the tie ribbons with vintage fabrics, embellished ribbons with stones-shells-etc, crocheted versions, and more. Most importantly, they are comfortable!

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