Thursday, March 15, 2007

now and zen: clocks and phone chimes

I would not immediately have thought that a tibetan chime alarm clock is a good idea, unless I had experienced one for myself at a friends home in Hawaii. Now I am a convert and need to purchase my own, because it is a really peaceful wakeup process and nothing like the jarring beeping alarm clocks we all know (and have). Now and Zen has a more streamlined looking timepiece now, in addition to their original slightly hippie looking triangle shaped chime clock. I much prefer the sleek black and maple looking Zen Timepiece, otherwise known as the best alarm clock/mindfulness bell in the world. It has acoustic brass bowl with complex tones when it strikes. It is a mellow way to awaken into consciousness and a perfect beginning for your day. The alarm will strike, and then again in 3-1/2 minutes, then in 2 minutes, then in 1 minute, offering a progressive awakening (I personally only need one relaxing chime and am then awake). The natural resonant tones add lovely harmony to the day. Hear the chime, by clicking here and then scrolling down the page.

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