Saturday, March 17, 2007

repurposed furniture: giving new life to trash

Using discarded materials and scraps to make furniture is nice landfill reduction. The furniture is not merely functional, but transformed into playful home pieces with new graphics, patterns and formations. You get a brand new piece with a reincarnation story or a sordid past, making you think about waste, materials, and consumption. The creative ideas are endless as you can see from these few examples from artists and designers such as Trashformaciones, who make chairs from bathtubs, Prospero Rasulo designer of the repainted orange dresser and designer for Zannotta, Life is Suite breathes new life into old furniture giving it an urban look (white sofa), Piet Hein Eek from the Netherlands takes old wood and collages it into basically everything, Scrapile glues strips of wood together to form their own patchwork plywood for furniture, the hose chair by Rodney Trice, Tejo Remy's rag chair, & recycled plastic chair from Germany 1996, but I don't know who to attribute the design to.

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