Friday, March 30, 2007

why we should all wear organic cotton and eco fabrics

The clothing that you are probably wearing is killing people. Regular cotton is the world's dirtiest crop, sprayed with pesticides-for info on human poisonings read here. Each year, around 2.5 million tons (2,500,000 tons = 5 billion pounds) of pesticide are dumped on the planet's crops. In 2002, an estimated 69,000 children were poisoned by pesticides in the US. The World Health Organization reports 220,000 people die every year worldwide because of pesticide poisoning. Hard to believe, not really because the entire pesticide market was valued at $32 billion in 2002 also--and has obviously grown since then. Farmers who use pesticides have a significantly higher rate of cancer incidence.

So it makes a hell of alot of sense to go organic with your clothing, unless you'd like pesticide residue on your digs. With multitudes of options and big chains incorporating organics like H&M, American Apparel and The Gap anyone can shop organic. Other options include Rawganique with hemp and organic cotton, Blue Canoe offering organic cotton yoga and loungewear, Belle and Dean making organic cotton for men women and children, Tonic Shirts making hip colorful streetwear T's, Patagonia suppling many forms of sustainable fabrics and organic cottons, Sage Baby NYC organic clothing for what else: babies, Ibex Wear with sustainable wools and organic cottons, Bossy Baby more organics for baby, and The Green Loop which offers fashion forward organics from Anna Cohen, Carol Young, Ciel, Deborah Lindquist, Del Forte, Edun, Grace & Cello, Kelly B and more.

For alternatives to pesticides try bug warfare sans pesticides with the study of Integrated Pest Management, and another Entomology article here.

Now there is no more excuses. If you are buying something new: buy sustainable and organic. Still don't care? Then wise up and open your damn mind or we'll ship you to Mars.

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Blogger cnputhoff said...

I agree, get with it! Another source for organic clothing,accessories, and furniture for babies and toddlers is

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