Tuesday, April 17, 2007

customweave carpet: eco materials

Carpet often causes allergies and is made from petrochemicals, but wonderful alternatives are on the market from the natural wool varieties that have been around for awhile, to the new product by Australian company CustomWeave. It is the first soy carpet made from soy waste. Developed as a collaboration between Frank Ricco a textile producer and the work of a Shanghai scientist, Li Guanqi the soy carpet is now a reality. Guanqi realised a process to turn soy by-product into fiber over a decade of study and formulation. The Australian company which now weaves the product, sais that the texture is apparently like a combination of cashmere, velvet and alpaca. The teeny downside is that the SoyLuxe product is $650 a square meter. The modern patterns in the designs that CustomWeave is producing are worth the cost alone.

"Like most other products made with soy, the fiber comes from the "waste" left after processing soy beans. China alone produces about 14 million tons of soy beans a year. Once the soy meal and oil is extracted, the leftover parts of the plant have traditionally been fed to farm animals or sent to landfill, so this is truly and upcycle product. With an estimated 215 million tons of beans harvested each year around the world, that’s huge waste."

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