Wednesday, April 04, 2007

d.i.y. wednesday: scrappile to treasure

There are many uses for discarded junk, and most everyone has fabric scraps around your house--in that back room that was supposed to be your sewing/crafts/boxes room. Put them to good use and make something funky and fun out of them like this fabric scrap necklace with tutorial. I love the pattern for this cutesy platypus--but don't use new fabrics, mesh something together and make a haute retro plat-y. Other scraps of the more substantial type might be a used door--but give it a modern edge by turning it into a modern coffe table (like the picture) by adding oversized casters to it from the hardware store. Maybe even Home Depot, since now they too have green items like compact florescents, sustainable wood, recycled paper seed pots, etc. Go crazy crafters.

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