Thursday, April 12, 2007

skull: mortal fascination

Did you know that the human skull contains 22 bones? The human skull has been used as an art symbol usually as death or mortality for millenia and the skull itself reminds us of the eternity of time. Also associated with toxic substances, pirates, and secret societies, the skull represents danger or risk. These days the skull image is printed on cashmere sweaters, handbags, keychains, scarfs and everything fashionable--I guess we humans do have a sense of humor about the morbid. These are some fantastic skull images I like: shelf by James Hopkins from London. The humans posing as a skull sculpture, was and idea originally executed by Salvador Dali and then redone by many including Piotr Uklanski in 1999. The ticker eye is called, "The Indestructable Object" of dadaist artist Man Ray. And the fabulous oil painting I saw in Los Angeles (??).

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