Monday, May 21, 2007

haute green: exhibit a smashing success

For those of you who missed the HauteGREEN show in New York this weekend, here are some photos of the exhibit and events: discussion with Tom Dixon and Panel talk with Tejo Remy, Matt Gagnon, Carlos Salgado & Sam Grawe of Dwell magazine. The events went off without a hitch and the exhibition is open through today. More at HauteGREEN. Exhibitors at this years HauteGREEN were: Alain Berteaus, Alain Berteau, Alesina Design, Alex Suvajac, Amenity Home, Amy Haskins, Art With Function (my piece), Balanced Design, Bambu, Brian Schmidt, CJ O'Neill, Cohda, Colleen Smiley, Covello Reesor, DMFD, Double Butter, Eco Supply Center, Eco Boudoir, Environment Furniture, Esque, EVK Design, Evol, Helen Bilt, Hi Five, Hive Mind Design, Illu-stration, In 2 Green, Jerry Kott, Josh Jakus, Kalon Studios, Loll, Loyal Loot, Mi Workshop, Michelle Brand, Mio Culture, Mod Green Pod, Molo, North Forty, Organo, Papcorn, Paul Loebach, Perch, Peter Danko, Pirwi, Ply Arch, Propellor, Q Collection, Ruth SInger, Solus Decor, Staach, Stranger Furniture, Studio Jo Meesters, Studio Mold, Tat Studio, The Home Project, Broken Off, Trokk16, Uhuru & xDesign.


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