Wednesday, May 23, 2007

john chamberlain: recycled metal sculpture

This piece "Hatband" 1960, 58.5 x 53 x 38 inches by
John Chamberlain the veteran sculptor utilizing mangled auto-parts and waste materials in his art has an emphasis on process with connotations of mass-production and consumer waste.

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Blogger Snoskred said...

Hi, it's Snoskred here. I'm just dropping by to let you know that I read your blog with google reader whenever you update, and that I enjoy your blog. I'm re-doing my links on my blog, and I have linked to you in the sidebar.

This is always one of my favourite blogs. Just so you know. ;)

8:07 PM  
Blogger ashwinstudio said...

Love the blog - really like the John Chamberlain sculpture

7:01 AM  

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