Monday, June 25, 2007

haute new works: campana brothers

31 new and recent prototype works from the brilliant Campana Brothers from Brazil are on exhibition from 5 june until 10 august 2007 at the Albion Gallery, London. Regular plastic chair parts have been taken over in these pieces by the proliferating parasitic fiber called 'apui'. The natural fiber was used to elaborate on a starting point of plastic chairs, water containers and rudimentary wood stools--nature now growing from and overtaking the objects. The extraction of apui helps preserve and control the biodiversity of the forests since it is a vine which suffocates and kills the trees that they grow upon. These fibres are removed manually, without any tools or processes that may harm the trees. The series is analogous to the parasitic nature of the vine suffocating and drawing nourishment from the plastic chair, then growing and morphing from it. Brazilian terraces and outdoor cafes in the past were furnished with wicker pieces, which have since been substituted for more long-lasting plastic ones. In these new pieces, they are bringing back the old tradition in a new and interesting organic way.

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