Friday, June 22, 2007

natures plastic: haute childrens chairs

Jerszy Seymour a product designer born in Berlin, was raised and schooled in London. He has since worked for many huge brands like Magis, Vitra, Swatch, Perrier, Moulinex, IDEE, Sputnik, and Smeg. Jerszy has branched out, experimenting for himself in a series called "Living Systems" utilizing organic plastics. His work has just debuted at the Vitra Germany June 14th. More information about the designer can be found here, here and here with a link to his studio. His "Living Systems" are actually potato starch mixed with milk, heated it to make it liquid. The natural biodegradable plastic, hardens on a form made of sand. Dyed with food colouring the starch plastic becomes perfect for children's chairs or daybeds, reminiscent of dayglow frosting. His do-it-yourself experiments have released him from restrictions of living near production facilities.

I personally cannot get enough of this idea or the aesthetics of these pieces. I am not sure that the food coloring is that safe, but he has made major headway in bio plastics.

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