Wednesday, June 27, 2007

temple of joy: burning man upcycle

The other day I noticed that someone has published a coffee table book about the Burning Man Festival sculptures. As I flipped non chalantly through its pages I became dumbfounded at the level of creativity that occurs there every year for something entirely temporary. Many of the sculptural pieces remind me of something celestial or constellation-like. Hands down my favorite is the Temple of Joy created by David Best, a Petaluma artist, and a crew of volunteers. Construction was overseen by architect Ross Asselstine who works for a San Francisco construction firm that builds many large downtown office and commercial projects.
Taking three days to complete and looking like a mix between a traditional Balinese temple and a Japanese pagoda, the Temple's magic lies in the fact that it is actually a grand testament to the beauty of upcycled or trash materials. Almost all of its raw material is actually waste from a Petaluma, California, wooden toy factory. The machines used to cut toys from sheets of plywood create lace-like waste used as the construction material for the Temple. Beauty is in the details. See more pics here.

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