Tuesday, June 26, 2007

trashion: new etsy collaborative

Peeps over at Trashion have informed me that their participating members now have one stop shopping for their recycled art, jewelry, clothing and home decor here.

On Friday, July 27th, Trashion will be hosting a trunk show at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn NYC. (325 Gold Street, Brooklyn NYC. A/C/F to Jay St * B/M/Q/R to Dekalb) The event will be complete with make-your-own trashion activities and refreshments with free gift bags for the first 25 attendees. RSVP via email: rsvp@etsy.com.

Etsy Labs are now hosting a trunk show once a month on last Fridays.

Loving the upcycle fairy hats by fairytalefibers.

Thanks Mallory (Miss Malaprop).

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Anonymous Drew Raine said...

Thank you for your kind appreciation! It's always a joy to make a useful product that helps keep the earth green!
Thank you kindly,

4:07 PM  

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