Monday, July 16, 2007

1000s of things made of bamboo

Bamboo is a miracle plant much like hemp. Ecologically, it can be harvested once every year unlike trees that need about 20 years. When harvested, the forest is not clear cut, but younger culms remain in place. Bamboo is a light, strong, stiff and elastic material. In case of an earthquake it behaves well. 40 percent of bamboo is needed vs the timber for the same purposes as all of the plant can be used. Village communities can easily grow bamboo. A small plantation of just one hectare yields enough bamboo culms each year to build several houses and to create some jobs. The return of capital is higher for bamboo than for wood. Little energy is needed for the production of bamboo. Below are some sites I have gathered that show interesting uses of the material:

This site, 1000 things to make with bamboo has galleries for species, crafts, and tools made of bamboo.

Here is a fun site1000 things of bamboo, that is a collection of the website authors in their search for all the uses of the material (click on the "Klicken Sie hier" green lines to the left to change the pictures).

Alonzo Davis mixes african american art with bamboo for beautiful results.

Also, some clothing from bamboo.

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