Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ecoversity: sante fe new mexico

EcoVersity is a non-profit educational center exploring and demonstrating sustainable living, ecological design and responsibility for the wise stewardship of the Earth. The land based learning at EcoVersity founded in 1999, offers a unique curriculum designed to regenerate the Earth in our learning about permaculture, rainwater harvesting, renewable energies, alternative fuels, beekeeping, etc.. All are welcome to study at the 11 acre campus in Sante Fe; students, practitioners, poets, prophets, visionaries, optimists, skeptics, conservationists, ecologists, teachers of Earth dharma, and all who seek to create a sustainable path for the future. Examples of classes offered are: Bio Dynamic Gardening, Residential Energy Efficiency, Bicycle Maintenance, Energy Efficient Water Pumping and Distribution, Ethnobotanical Exploration, Earth Plasters, Permaculture, Green Roof Installation, Beekeeping Certificate Program and much more.

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