Monday, July 16, 2007

trailer wrap: mobile home wrap kit: adaptive reuse: university of colorado

A program begun through the University of Colorado called Trailer Wrap shows great promise. The project focuses on affordable housing through adaptive reuse and the recycling and reusing of existing mobile homes. Reinventing the ubiquitous trailer typology, you know the type...the mobile home with a negative stigma- the mass produced worldwide look that originally sought to address low cost housing. The drab, sad out dated look inherits new appeal with Trailer Wrap, which renovates the once hideous trailer into an energy ineffient mobile home. It consists of a simple inexpensive kit of parts that increases the interior volume and improves the look of the units. The Trailer Wrap project is an initiative of the Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research & Design in the College of Architecture & Planning at the University of Colorado at Denver and the Health Sciences Center. There were numerous funding sponsors, partners and donors in and around Boulder and Denver. Bravo!

I feel like these new designs could actually be placed on empty lots in towns and not just quarantined in trailer parks. The new aesthetics of these units also lends them to being placed on that acreage you may be purchasing for your weekend getaway. Not a bad looking cabin if you ask me.

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