Thursday, July 05, 2007

muumuu heaven: vintage apparel: kailua oahu

ALOHA! Since I am in the neighborhood, I am going to head on over to Mu’umu’u Heaven tomorrow with friends and check out the latest that this family run business has created. They stock the cutest skirts, dresses, tops, bags, and jewelry all made using vintage Hawaiian aloha finds to create fabulous, one of a kind, eco-conscious fashions.
Store Hours:
Tu - Sa : 11a - 7p
767 Kailua Road

*As a follow up to the post, after having visited the store, I must say that Deb the proprietor gave us the biggest dose of aloha we could have ever asked for. Totally enthusiastic, creative and a recycling queen--I highly suggest going into her shop and exploring around. I am loving my purchases. Thanks again Deb!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aloha Holly,

Thank you so much for coming in to see us!
It was great to meet you. I hope that you are getting alot of wear out of your fabulous little summer strap tops. You looked so gorgeous in the pink one! :)

I am just thinking of you and sending a little aloha your way.
Thanks so much for popping in and for blogging us. We loved having you here!
deb x

6:34 PM  
Blogger pomegranates said...

now that's a muu muu i would sport!

2:15 PM  

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