Wednesday, August 01, 2007

easy to shop fair trade

It is easier than you think to shop for fair trade items, be sure to verify the certification stamp on the products. The following list is an easy 12 ways that you can integrate fair trade into your daily products of consumption:

1. Tea -- green, black, oolong, chai, rooibos and herbals tea like chamomile, hibiscus, peppermint, and spearmint have gained Fair Trade status.

2. Chocolate-- avg. consumption in US is 12 lbs a year.

3. Fresh Fruit-- like bananas mangoes and pineapples

4. Sugar-- or the alternatives maple syrup and honey

5. Rice-- aromatic long-grain rice from Asia like jasmine and basmati

6. Vanilla-- whole beans and extracts even Ben and Jerry's Vanilla ice cream

7. Spices-- pepper, ginger, lemongrass, nutmeg

8. Wine--from South Africa, Chile and Argentina

9. Olive oil-- from Palestine rural communities also capers and almonds

10. Sports balls-- from Pakistani and Thai producers with no child labor...volley balls too.

11. Arts and crafts--items like jewelry, baskets & textiles

12. Coffee

More info at Fair Trade Federation, Global Exchange Org. and Fair Trade.



Blogger Scott James said...

Hey H...glad you like the volleyballs. We've got basketballs and American footballs coming this September, too!

- Scott James
Fair Trade Sports
Fair Trade Soccer Balls with FSC Certification!

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