Sunday, August 05, 2007

green hotels

The first place that I have ever seen conservation signs inside a hotel was in Victoria Canada, where signage in the bathroom of my room explained that hotel cleaning would not pick up towels unless they were on the floor. This was an agreement betweeen hotel guest and cleaning staff that if your towel was hanging, you'd still be using it again-thus saving water for washing it unnecessarily. Granted this was a few years ago and this practice has spread more wisely. Now there is even an association of hotels called Green Hotels which all pledge to save water, save energy and also reduce solid waste by adding water saving devices in the bathrooms, installing more efficient HVAC systems, etc...There are many hotel chains which partake in the program including Best Westerns, Marriots & Sheratons. Great system, but the mindfulness of the guest still needs to be there.
Photo is a Marriot in San Diego

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