Tuesday, August 28, 2007

reusable containers for coffee: you have them at home

The stainless travel mug is from OXO
This charcoal mug at Amazon
Copco purple mug
and sleek 20 oz ceramic travel mug here.
I am still seriously frustrated to see that for many that necessary latte in the morning is served to them in a paper cup with a plastic lid. There are so many chic options at affordable prices. I think that everyone should try to incorporate using their own cup for these ends. Plus having your own mug with you throughout the day reminds you to continue to fill it up and stay hydrated.

The same practice goes for ordering take out food from any restaurant. Try bringing your own container....no one cares...get over it. Food containers are a fun bento kit from Zojirushi and the stainless steel tiffin is from To-Go Ware.

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Blogger tom said...

I LOVE the tiffin! Posh English people used to say "I say... anyone for tiffin?" meaning lunch. I'm not sure, but I think it may be a colonial Indian (as in India, that is) term... like 'pyjama', 'bungalow', gymkahna', etc.

The purple dood is pretty classy, tooI


3:55 PM  

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